Superior proteolytic enzyme with powerful anti-inflammatory properties



Dr.Viton – Serrapeptase helps reduce inflammation and pain due to its capability to block the release of amines responsible for the pain from inflamed tissues.

Dr.Viton – Serrapeptase promotes healthy inflammatory and immune system, supporting the joints’ health by protecting connective tissues, ligaments and tendons. It also helps your lungs and respiratory system to work more efficiently, thus promoting complete wellbeing.

Dr.Viton – Serrapeptase recovers you skin, eliminates redness, acne, it stops premature aging, appearance of wrinkles, uneven tan…. It literally eliminates dead tissue, leaving the healthy tissue, i.e., it burns and eliminates only the inflamed tissue of your skin. The power of this natural enzyme in treating skin problems is huge.

Dr.Viton – Serrapeptase is extracted from an isolated bacterium, the Serratia E15. In its organic form, it could be found in the digestive system of the silkworm as a powerful enzyme.

Dr.Viton – Serrapeptase is mainly used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is used for curing many types of inflammations, pains and infections, starting from sore throat to pain caused by effects of atherosclerosis – chronic inflammation of arterial walls, which makes them firm and thick. The symptoms of atherosclerosis are: reduced blood flow, chest pain, heart attacks, and even sudden stopping of hearts’ work.

Dr.Viton – Serrapeptase is an enzyme used for daily  prevention and treatment of many health problems.

Health benefits of Dr. Viton – Serrapeptase:

  • Inflammation reduction
  • Against atherosclerosis
  • Against chronic redness
  • Helps in injuries that cause tissue trauma
  • Pain, water retention and swelling
  • Helps against appearance of chest cysts
  • Helps with ear, nose and throat infections
  • Helps with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Guardian of the heart’s health
  • Helps against sinusitis
  • Treatment for stroke and its prevention

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  3. I have suffered with my sinuses for years and as a result I have no sense of smell, I found after taking this supplement for 1 month my sense of smell started to return.

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