Bronzan + Bio Bronzan (1+1)

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Bronzan is an advanced nutritive formula for natural, irresistible and intensive golden bronze tan with or without sun all year round.

  • Bronzan activates your natural tan without sun exposure
  • Stimulates 3 times faster tanning with sun exposure
  • Amplifies, optimizes and prolong your existing tan and leaves your skin with a sensuous bronze glow
  • Gives you a gradual, glowing, even tan across the whole face and body
  • Protects the skin cells from oxidative stress from the sun which accelerates skin aging

 natural and organic self-tanning formula that delivers radiant and a healthy-looking sun-free glow.

With Smart tanning system that allows you to adjust the intensity of your tan.

Infused with patented Rejuvenating Phyto Complex with organic extracts from PomegranateAcai, Chlorela, Goji and Green Tea will revive, invigorate and energize your skin.

  • BRONZAN BIO DROPS will make your skin perfectly bronzed, radiant,  and healthy-looking!
  • BRONZAN BIO DROPS  allow you to adjust the intensity of your tan according to your preference
  • BRONZAN BIO DROPS nourish and revive your skin with premium botanical and organic extracts
  • BRONZAN BIO DROPS are made of 72% organic and 98.9% natural ingredients
  • BRONZAN BIO DROPS work in perfect synergy with your existing skincare regime
  • BRONZAN BIO DROPS  give you the flawless tan (no streaks, discolorations or blemishes)


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